Email Marketing Systems

Our all-in-one EMS Email Marketing System gives you the  ability to create effective email marketing campaigns to hundreds of thousands of email addresses all at the click of a button.

Whether you want to send prospective business to business emails or professional newsletters to your subscribers, our user-friendly software enables you to design stylish emails and send them however often you want to thousands of addresses.

Further, our intelligent tracking system will follow every email you send and create a live report telling you who opened it, when they opened it and whether they clicked on any links or offers you included.

We provide full support via phone and email and will even help you out with design and strategy if needed.

Don't just take our word for it - try our EMS demonstration - we're confident you'll find our EMS will give you enterprise level functions for a small business price.

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Introductory Offer: £299 (+ VAT)

Take advantage of our introductory offer with a customised email marketing campaign. We will professionally design, deliver and track your message to over 5,000 business email addresses that we provide. As part of the campaign we will:

  • Design a stylish, personalised message in your Company Style.
  • Help you with the copywriting.
  • Advise you on strategy.
  • Send this email to over 5,000 business addresses provided by us.
  • Track activity, such as who visited links and how often.
  • Create a report including the email addresses of all those who clicked links.


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