EMS has numerous useful features and includes everything you need to run your email marketing campaigns.
  • The "All-In-One" Solution. EMS includes everything that you need to run your email marketing campaigns - a list builder, subscription forms, auto-responders, newsletter editor, tracking, reports and more!
  • Works in all common web browsers.EMS works with all common web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and other gecko-based browsers!
  • Create emails in text, HTML or "multi-part" (text and HTML) formats. EMS will make sure that your subscribers email client automatically shows the format that is best suited for their computer - automatically!
  • On-queue autoresponders. Create a series of unlimited text/HTML autoresponders and have EMS send them to your new subscribers automatically.
  • Send and schedule newsletters. Now newsletters, as well as autoresponders can be set to be sent whenever you want..
  • Send to huge mailing lists. Sending emails with EMS has been tested successfully with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so no matter how big your list grows, EMS can cope.
  • Automatic link tracking. All links in your newsletter can be tracked for click-through stats which you can then view and download.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting. FimEmail automatically tracks and reports how many subscribers open your emails, which links they click on, etc. Then, from the EMS control panel you have complete access to this tracking data in easy-to-view reports.
  • One-to-one personalisation. Create an unlimited amount of "custom fields" that your subscribers can fill out, such as first name, sex, salary, etc. You can then use these to personalise your emails, which has been proven to increase reader response rates by as much as 600%!
  • Powerful targeted sending. Use EMS built-in targeting to send emails only to subscribers who match certain criteria - for example, only send an email to females over the age of 21 from London.
  • Automated bounce handling. Eradicate erroneous subscriber emails using EMS simple 'bounce handling system'. Simply send your newsletter, tell EMS how you want to handle the bounced emails, and that is it!
  • Dynamic unsubscribe links. With one click you can easily insert a link to un-subscribe at the bottom of your emails. In some countries, this is required by law. EMS automatically personalises the unsubscribe link for each subscriber that receives your email!
  • Easy to use HTML editor. Create your HTML newsletters using the integrated and very powerful WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor and create rich text, links, lists, etc directly through your web browser. Alturnatively, we can provide templates in whatever style required - as well as copywriting and campaign managment.
  • Runs on auto-pilot. Lets your visitors subscribe and un-subscribe from your lists automatically. Everything is processed in real-time, so you will never have to waste time manually adding or deleting subscribers.
  • Upload and send attachments. Newsletters, templates and autoresponders all include full support for adding and sending attachments.
  • Fast system set-up. Have your email marketing solution set-up and ready within two working days! Depending upon the package choosen, we will set-up the system entirely or simply establish service.
  • Import subscribers from an existing database. EMS takes care of the importing of data from files, from online databases or from email address books - flexible to suit your needs.
  • Customise subscription forms. Choose which custom fields appear on each subscription form that you create.
  • Notification via email. Be notified via email when someone joins or leaves a mailing list.
  • Filter autoresponder recipients based on custom fields. For example, only send a specific autoresponder to a subscriber that has set their sex to 'female' .
  • Send via your mail server. With EMS you can specify your own SMTP server when sending newsletters or let EMS provide this service. 
  • Completely web-based. No software to download or install on your Pcomputer. Everything runs directly from your web browser, meaning that you have 24/7 access to EMS from any computer with a browser and an Internet connection!
  • Easy to use. Developed with the end user in mind, EMS is simple to use and you can get started building your mailing list or sending emails in minutes.
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